Peter Marsh is known for the album Stop the Clock, which featured in the hit Hong Kong TV series, Triumph in the Skies, released in 2014. Back in the 1980s, he was the lead singer of synthpop band, Blanket of Secrecy, which was behind the cult classic ‘Walls Have Ears’ (/’Ears Have Walls’) released in 1982. A second Blanket of Secrecy album, ‘2’, was recorded in the 1980s but never made public until it was eventually released in 2017 by Trick Records. Peter Marsh recorded in the 1980s with Vangelis, Godley & Creme, Manfred Mann, Nick Lowe, Carlene Carter and Roger Bechirian. His music has been covered by Jimmy Ruffin and Hazell Dean.

Peter Marsh has released some of his music which was originally recorded in the 1990s. The newer releases include two singles – available to steam on Spotify, iTunes and other music streaming services: Water Under the Bridge and Anything about Love.

Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge was written by Peter Marsh in the 1990s after a divorce. The track was recorded on tape at the time with the Pete Marsh band which included Ron Chadwick – bass guitar, Steve Whitefield – slide guitar; and Paul Gunn on drums.

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Anything About Love

The lyrics of this song were written by David Hockley. They describe the vulnerability of a man who is falling in love with a woman, but is afraid of being hurt. The song is written from the perspective of another man, giving advice to avoid heartbreak….

Anything About Love, evokes the vulnerability of a man who is falling in love with a woman, but fears that he will have his heart broken.

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